RDBMS, SQL and Visualization
Instructor: Venkatesh Vinayakarao (Co-Taught with Sourish Das)
Term: Oct - Nov 2019

Welcome to RDBMS, SQL and Visualization course! Data rules today. With obvious issues in the use of application speciic files, database management has evolved from a specialized computer application to a central component of a modern computing environment. In this mini course, we study the fundamental concepts of database management. These concepts include aspects of database design, database languages, and database-system implementation.

Key Learning Objectives

At the end of this course, you should be able to:
  • Understand and apply Relational DBMS concepts.
  • Understand and apply SQL for data definition and manipulation.

Lecture Resources
(for RDBMS and SQL part)
Lecture #TopicReadingsSlides/Material
1Introduction to RDBMSChapter 1, 2Introduction
 SQL - BasicChapter 3Covered by TA as part of tutorials
2Relational Algebra
ER Model
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
Relational Algebra
ER Model
3Functional Dependencies
and Normal Forms
Chapter 7, 8FD and NormalForms
4BCNF and 4th Normal FormChapter 7, 8BCNF and 4th Normal Form
 SQL - IntermediateChapter 4Covered by TA as part of tutorials
5Relational Calculus
Data Storage and Indexing
Chapters 6, 10, 11Relational Calculus
Data Storage and Indexing
6Transaction Management
Query Processing
Chapter 14
Chapters 12, 13
Transaction Management
Query Processing
 SQL - IntermediateChapter 4Covered by TA as part of tutorials
7Brief Note on Concurrency Control
Closing Notes
Chapter 15Brief Note on Concurrency Control

InstrumentMax Marks
Final Exam50%
Assignments (2 * 10% each)20%



  • Database System Concepts: Silberschatz, Korth and Sudarshan, 6th Edition.

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