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Bayesian data analysis provides us a framework to systematically approach our belief update process. Suppose we know nothing about the fairness of the coin, and we see four continuous heads in the first four flips, what should we infer about the coin? Is it biased towards head? Should we bet on another head again?
At the Ketchup Talk, IIIT Delhi, 12th November, 2014.
How can loosely connected agents display collective intelligence? Can we learn something from them? Models such as metric distance and topological distances simulate swarm behavior. Several algorithms such as Ant Colony Optimization, and Particle Swarm Optimization find applications in crowd simulation and ad-hoc networks. Let us take a look.
At the Intelligent Systems Course, IIIT Delhi, 01st March, 2014.
Information retrieval is a fast growing field which concerns search towards satiating some information need. In this talk, we discuss some key challenges and interesting applications.
At the Information Retrieval Course, IIIT Delhi, 01st March, 2014.

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