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When massive program source code repositories are analyzed using powerful Information Retrieval techniques, the possibilities are infinite! I explore various aspects of source code such as vocabulary and structure. With the ever increasing role of software in our livelihood, I see no better way to make an impact than to work on the future programming languages, tools and techniques.

I am a PhD Student at IIIT Delhi. My advisor is Dr. Rahul Purandare. Dr. Purandare's work on Monitor Compaction won the ACM Distinguished Paper Award at ISSTA 2013. My industry mentor is Dr. Aditya Nori of Microsoft Research. My research is supported by the Prime Minister's Fellowship.

Prior to joining PhD, I worked at Search Technologies Center India (STCI) and specifically with the Bing Local Search Team at Microsoft India Development Center (Microsoft IDC). Before Microsoft, I was a Principal Engineer at the Cloud Platforms Group at Yahoo.I did my Master of Science in Information Technology from Carnegie Mellon University, USA where I worked with Dr. Raj Reddy and Dr. Lynn Carter.

Currently, am working on an intersection of these areas. I like modeling source code. I work on problems of relevance to code search.

I belong to Chennai (India), speak Marathi, married a Kannadiga and worked for Korean bing local team, started writing in Malayalam (since my early schooling was in Kerala), use English for most of my professional work, deal with my son's Telugu in his Hyderabad school and manage Hindi in Delhi!

Teaching and Research have always been my fascination. While almost half of my life has gone in preparing myself for such a career, I hope, I will soon embark on this role.

If you are not having fun, you are not the best researcher you can be!